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From conception to completion, McCroskey Interiors helps bring your vision to life.

We are a full service interior design firm, overseeing, managing and designing new builds, remodels, custom homes and commercial projects from start to finish.

Our Approach

We bring your style and vision to life.

Together we’ll create a unique, elevated space that you’ll love for years to come.

Our Award-Winning Team

Meet the Design Team

Laura McCroskey

Interior Designer

An award-winning interior designer, Laura McCroskey’s diverse accomplishments have been published in prestigious magazines and earned her recognition as a finalist nominee for the HGTV Designer of the Year.

While Laura’s innovative approach, elegant solutions, and passion for all things beautiful have earned her a reputation as a top designer, it’s her relationships with her clients she holds most dear. Inspired by couture and classical European design, Laura specializes in creating personal interiors that are fresh, livable, and beautifully coordinated. Based in Kansas City, she continues to work on residential and commercial projects throughout the United States and beyond.

Leann Lynn

Interior Designer

Drawing on a background in both fashion and interior design, Leann Lynn knows how to tailor a space for success.

An accomplished interior designer with a flair for the fresh and traditional, Leann excels at creating timeless rooms that are classic with a little edge. Her ability to work with the architectural details of a home and then layer in a sophisticated, less is more with bold details approach has earned her recognition in a variety of media outlets. Leann’s ability to transform her clients’ dreams into stylish yet functional spaces make her not only an inspired designer, but a pleasure to work with.

Katie Fosmer

Interior Designer

Interior design takes a sophisticated turn at the hands of Katie Fosmer.

Inspired by her travels, the arts, and the nuances of the spaces she’s designing, Katie transforms clean lines and layers into places that are sophisticated, edgy, and always beautiful. Katie’s background in textiles make her a natural fit for creating elegant and streamlined spaces that aren’t overly modern. Clients appreciate her impressive eye for details and no-nonsense approach to designing functional, timeless spaces.

Anna Hudson

Interior Designer

Sought out by McCroskey Interiors for her design and rendering skills, Anna joined the award-winning design firm in 2022.

A true believer in the importance of elevating a space through functional and thoughtful design, Anna loves curating spaces that are rich in color, playful yet chic, and feminine. She loves helping clients visualize their spaces through 3D renderings and technical drawings.

Jessica Rogers

Interior Designer

Jessica Rogers effortlessly blends timeless femininity into functional.

As a design professional with a keen eye for details and passion for interiors, she excels at creating timeless and feminine rooms. Her background in corporate and commercial design, paired with her knowledge of textiles, allow Jessica to seamlessly unite structure with style and create functional spaces with an emphasis on fun.


Sharon Garcia

Office Manager

Sharon Garcia approaches her job as if it were a puzzle—and each day she strives to arrange the many different pieces creatively and efficiently.

Delivering outstanding customer service has always been an essential part of a day’s work for Sharon. As the design firm’s Office Manager, she is responsible for all office procedures, and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operations in a busy work environment. Even though she works primarily behind the scenes, we are fortunate to have Sharon’s experience and many talents to guide and advise us as we create magic for our clients.

Lorraine Morgan

Business Manager

An art curator, Lorraine Morgan has been involved in art all her life.

Sought out by McCroskey Interiors for her ability to source top-quality, refined art to elevate any space, Lorraine joined the design firm in 2021 to spearhead The McCroskey Collection, a curation of refined art by nationally-acclaimed artists, each piece hand selected for the beauty and composition it brings to a space.

Betty Whiteaker

Design Coordinator

Artist Betty Whiteaker’s diverse portfolio ranges from watercolors to richly rendered oil paintings that exhibit the versatility of her hand.

She began her career as a designer for Hallmark, and eventually launched her own licensing business with Courtney-Davis, Inc. Betty‘s original art and product development expertise have been featured in a variety of industries, including social expression, dinnerware, toys, and publications for brands like American Greeting’s, CR Gibson, Enesco, JCPenney’s, Rival Manufacturing, Wendy’s International, and Wedgwood.

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