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French Modern Muse

This kitchen is every kitchen designer’s dream, fusing form and function to create a space where unique functionality meets exquisite visual appeal.

In a traditional kitchen, the pantry silos ingredients away from the work space, interrupting a cook’s flow and distracting from the process.

We turn that convention inside out, segmenting this kitchen into specific zones for each discipline: prep, baking, stovetop, sous vide – even beverages – eliminating the traditional pantry.

Without the pantry, each zone houses every respective ingredient, spice, utensil, appliance or tool needed for that specific process, start to finish. In some cases, this required duplication between stations, we considered it worthwhile, removing any distraction from the flow.

If you are mindful of your own kitchen, you can build your pantry around you at your fingertips, but it does take effort and the right mindset.

Many designers steer clear of marble in the kitchen, but we love the personality marble develops as signs of wear and tear etch over time.

We selected the elegant surface for every feature of the kitchen — surfaces, counter-tops, stove hood, but most of all panels. Sliding marble panels throughout the kitchen accommodate the cooking zones, hiding extensive spice and herb storage, providing additional prep space, then sliding back to allow natural light to pour through an expansive window preserved in the renovation.

Drag the arrow to open and close the sliding marble panels.

Stove top and cooking appliances: Gagganau
Sink: Julian
Marble panels: Carthage Stoneworks

Counter tops: Vagli Marble, Carthage Stoneworks
Lighting: Visual Comfort
Chairs: Theodore Alexander

Other people had a hard time seeing our vision when they looked at the original kitchen.

We had to remove a laundry room and powder room, close off a wall, remove a window and add a feature wall in the process. In the end, it was clear this was the layout it should have been from the beginning.

Re-designing this space was any designer’s dream.

With a love of clean, French style, we wanted to create a space for both living and entertaining that fed our creativity while also welcoming and inspiring guests. We worked to create a soft and pretty, yet modern feel that was emblematic of the designer’s own personal style.

Throughout the house, we had the pleasure of adding custom features and pieces.

Our love of marble provided the perfect canvas for a variety of features designed from sketches to reality — including multiple custom marble coffee tables, bespoke kitchen shelving and the original McCroskey Sliding Kitchen Storage installation.

Accenting the show stopping design throughout the house was the installation of art from dozens of different artists and sources. The daughter of an acclaimed artist, we had a life long passion for art. The process of selecting the perfect pieces throughout the home was inspiring — resulting in a finished design that perfectly optimized both form and function.

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