Working with this client was any designer's dream. With a love of clean, French style, she wanted to create a space for both living and entertaining that fed her own creativity while also welcoming and inspiring guests. We worked to create a soft and pretty, yet modern feel that was emblematic of her own personal style.


As we worked together, it became apparent that her she would more tools at her disposal than most. We designed the kitchen, bar and dining section of her home to be outfitted with a suite of appliances that kept pace with her growing set of culinary interests and skills. This included a beverage bar equipped for hot and cold drinks, from coffee to cocktails, a canning studio, kitchen zones for cooking, baking, sauces, and prep, an expansive pantry and a large sink with sliding additions to facilitate both prep and clean up with maximized convenience.


Throughout the house, we had the pleasure of adding custom features and pieces. Her love of marble matched our own, and it provided the perfect canvas for a variety of features designed from sketches to reality -- including multiple custom marble coffee tables, bespoke kitchen shelving and the original McCroskey Sliding Kitchen Storage installation.

Accenting the show stopping design throughout the house was the installation of art from dozens of different artists and sources. The daughter of an acclaimed artist, our client has had a life long passion for art, and the process of selecting the perfect pieces throughout the home was inspiring -- resulting in a finished design that perfectly optimized both form and function.