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Modern Frontier

This new build took on the embodiment of the client’s frontier spirit with a rustic style gilded with modern elegance.

The client’s own effortless style and passion for the land shone through every element of this project. We worked in a tight partnership with her and the builder to create a truly unique fusion of western and modern.

The spirit of the frontier breathes through every room of the house.

Rich material selections and earthy elements play to their natural strengths, quietly reminding you of the land on which the house stands and never overshadowing the splendor just through the enormous panel windows.

Drag the arrow to open and close the sliding marble panels.

“If you look out the kitchen windows, it’s kind of a bird’s-eye-view, kind of a treehouse effect. The canvas is always changing. The sky is changing every day. So that’s kind of my art in this space. I wanted the inside of the house neutral so that colors didn’t stop your eye from looking outside.”

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