Our Spaces

Suburban Rustic

Durability and masculinity guided the material selections – resulting in minimal maintenance with maximum visual appeal.

The clients’ one request: A home that’s modern and as durable as humanly possible.

The final product? Warmth, charm and rustic modernity that withstands the ultimate test: two rambunctious golden retrievers.

A home built for entertaining and durability.

With a rich history as restauranteurs, the clients wanted a home that accommodated their love of entertaining and would withstand the rigors of preparing food and hosting. Attached to the opposite side of that wood wall, facing the large great room is a custom built banquette fronted by a long table with a live edge walnut top that can seat more than a dozen people.

Blending durability, beauty, and family-friendliness.

What’s interesting is that a lot of people want a beautiful space but are afraid to ask for durability because they think they’ll get something institutional, but there are more and more commercial products out there that go as well in homes as they do in restaurants. Those two worlds have crossed over. You can have a beautiful environment, and it can be kid and pet-friendly.

Customizations loved by all members of the family.

The ceiling in the master bedroom was coffered to add more height and a set of windows facing the backyard were vertically lengthened so dogs could see into the trees and wildlife behind the house, looking for squirrels.

The mudroom stores coats and shoes and contains a shower and feeding area for the pups. A deep drawer at the bottom of one of the cabinets opens to reveal their food and water bowls inset into the top of the drawer.

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