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A Traveler’s Retreat

Creating custom features, pieces and furniture throughout a home to recreate memories of a life well traveled. Weaving favorite memories and experiences of travel throughout a client’s home, bringing the world to their day to day environment.

They say travel changes you. New experiences, influences, cultures, ways of thought, ways of living, art, people. And anyone who has traveled knows the feeling of being far from home, wanting to bottle that feeling and take it back.

One of the central goals for this client was to weave elements of their travels throughout the design of their home.

We worked with broad palates of textures, colors, metals and natural surfaces to orchestrate a space that would remind them everywhere they looked of those places and experiences that had shaped them.

This home features a myriad of custom features, including a custom crafted marble coffee table, carved marble fireplace and bar to ceiling marble backsplash.

These elegant features are offset by exposed Spanish-influenced beams and light fixtures, natural wall finishing, dark and brooding color selections and stone touches.

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